Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jones, Locker Room Talk. "Says Who?"

In this TED Talk, Alexis empowers young men to better respect and protect girls and women in their lives. Alexis explains the importance of young men should be educated and have a better mindset of women. She states that, "sexual assault is but a symptom of the problem, the problem is the mindset of how young men are being programmed to think about, to talk about and treat women."  For example, when she tells the story of the boy when he says to his coach "it's okay to respect girls, but it's okay to f*%@ girls." Alexis questioned and said "say's who" but the boy didn't have a response until a minute or two went by and responded with idk. I agree when Alexis says that young boys are being programmed to think that way. The problem is that young teenagers are on auto pilot.

Throughout this video, I agree with Alexis on most parts. She also has a really good point when she states that men are really not being invited to sit at the women's table. Men are not having a clear broaden their definition of manhood. I think that locker room is an important part because they can have conversations, express themselves. Men have to be aware of their programming. Media glorifies violence against women that is inherently disrespectful that is hypersexualizing and objectifying. She also explains how majority of these men are learning about sex through porn. Alexis believes as a society that we should educate young men about 1.sex and healthy relationships 2.identity, about manhood 3. broaden a definition of confidence, 4.real talk with these men.

I really like this quote by Alexis Jones because even when you do something little for someone it can mean a whole lot to them and have a big impact. In order to change our own world we need to heal ourselves. This quote made me think of when she mentioned back in the video how young men are being programmed to think what is said by others about women. If men are being educated about sex and how to treat women it can be better for themselves as an individual as well as thinking different about women.

Things to talk about in class:

What are some ways that society can inform young boys and men the importance of sexual assault?  How can we put an end to rape and sexual assault? I know media can also influence young boys and how they think of women. But I feel that something should be in place.

I found this link pretty interested. Alexis Jones points out in the video how the LGBT community is assaulted in ways briefly but not into depth. "LGBT Community"

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