Saturday, June 10, 2017

Selling Girlhood


I decided to write extended comments on Lexi's blog for "Enlightened Sexism" and "Cinderella Ate my Daughter". I chose her blog to write about because I agreed to what she was stating on most parts.  Media does portray women and girls in different ways that seems unreal at times. The idea of how media is a huge part of our life is totally true. Some people rely on what they see on media and seem to believe it at times as well. A part that confused me was when Lexi mentioned "there are so many cases of women being sexually assaulted that turn the women into the reason for being assaulted". I had to re read the sentence a couple of times. The way I interpreted that was that the reason why women are being assaulted. Media in a sense can also control people the way they think and act. I agree that women in TV shows, movies are being misrepresented. In this article here are some examples "Misrepresentation ".

:Cinderella Ate my  Daughter" by Peggy Orenstein argues that the mass production of materialistic things such as Barbie Dolls, Disney Princesses to name a couple have an influence on young girls to become obsessed with these things. I agree to when Lexi mentioned that there is evidence that shows that media is more important on being pretty and sexy.  When young girls are playing with these certain toys I feel that it can lower there self-esteem. It can lower it because they want to be like the "perfect barbie doll". I also like the fact that you mentioned how Orenstein explains the rise in number of girls concerned with looks and weight and reports the stress levels as well as rates of suicide thoughts and depression. The media can play a part when girls feel this way.

I like how Lexi reflected after the article on her thoughts about the affect on young girls watching these TV shows. I agree with the statements of why are young girls watching these type of movies and shows. I believe that there are reasons behind it as well.


  1. Nice post Mallory! It's funny, I also chose Lexi's blog to do extended comments on. I like that we both chose different aspects of it to comment on, though.

  2. I like your post Mallory! I like Lexi's blog as well, she elaborated on some very important key points. I also like the photo you posted, the magazine cover speaks for itself ( a beautiful thin woman ) and they emphasize the word SEX so much, indicating that she is an object. She's also bent over in a way that arches her back.

  3. Nice post Mallory!! I also chose the same thing but wrote something a little different but you did an amazing job and how you talk about the different aspects.


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