Saturday, June 10, 2017

Raby: A Tangle of Discourses


In the article, "A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescents" by Rebecca C. Raby, she argues that discourses are deployed unevenly between adolescents of differing social locations, and teens may be deferentially interpellated into these discourses. Raby also argues that discourse on youth is significantly affected by gender, class and race.Discourses shouldn't be a reflection based on society perception .Parents teenagers years are different from their child's. In fact some of them can be similar. When it comes to teenagers, they all experience different than others.

"Adolescence is discursively framed as a stage that seems to require a degree of self-reflection, it is also marginalized (in terms of voice and self-reflection) and often laced with current, popular concern about adolescents as dangerous, ungoverned and in need of control. While heavily regulated, teenagers are also in the contradictory  position that they are supposed to be beginning their ‘prime’ of life, in this culture that idolizes and celebrates youth. "

Raby explains how adolescence is seen as a stage that requires a degree of self-reflection. Looking back at my past I see that there were some choices that I made that I regret and wish that I could erase but cannot happen. However, all I know is that I can reflect and move on from the past when I was a teenager and not let it happen as an adult now. There are some things that I can say that I am proud of when I was a teenager and there are some things that I am not. I believe that new experiences begin when your a teenager, Some may be different for others.  

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