Sunday, June 4, 2017

No Selife's Day


Selfie city makes claims that while examining selfies between 5 different cities (Berlin, New York, Moscow, Bangkok, and Sao Paulo) they claim that  more young women between 21-25 years old are taking selfies. Only 3-5% of images that were analyzed were actually of selfies. However, most images are taking of food, cats, dogs, shoes, other people and etc.

Teen Vogue makes claims that when the iPhone 4 was invented in 2010 with a front facing camera thats when "self portraits" were being popular. The obsession with selfies need to be noticed.  People are wasting so much time and focusing on taking these selfies as a way to build self-esteem. 

This connects to our readings that we have gone over in class. For example, Raby: Discourses because when it is explained how wanting to be noticed by others can play a role in how others feel about themselves whether it is positive or negative. This also connects back to the article "Framing Youth" as this shows that teens have an aspect of their culture that is seen entirely as their own. Teens are becoming more focused on taking selfies and seeing how they look. They are becoming obsessed and analyzing them.  


  1. I agree on how it connects to "Framing Youth" and how aspect of their culture and how teenagers are more focused on taking selfies and also seeing how they look. These points are so true and how it connects with all of our readings that we have done.

    From Emily Twitchell

  2. I also agree that this connects to "Framing Youth". When I or anyone else thinks of teens; automatically thinks of cell phones, social media and taking selfies. Parents think that only teens take selfies but everyone does.

  3. I like your pic at the end! I know it's from the music video #SELFIE. I talked about that in my post, and how the video displays the discourses the storm and at-risk that Raby talks about in her article. Good post!


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