Sunday, June 4, 2017

Framing Youth

According to the article "Framing Youth" by Lesley Bogad I decided to elaborate on the three quotes mentioned from the text:

1. "Aadults we believe we know youth — we once were youth, and some of us share our daily lives
with youth as teachers, parents and friends. But to rely on that which we already know is to reproduce that which we already “know” (Bogad, pg.3).

This quote explains that we as adults believe and understand youth because we were once children ourselves. To me this quote means that us adults can learn and grow with youth and vise versa. This also reminds me of when adults will tell youth  "your too young" you wouldn't understand. I feel that when people say this they are thinking less of them and in a way adults should teach the child or explain to them what we know so they can know as well. Children are becoming reflections of these adults in which they are interacting with throughout their daily lives. 

2."Dominant discourses about youth — adolescent development, age, erasure of difference — secure the weight of their voice(s) through repetition and reproduction in mainstream texts, popular culture and “scientific” studies which naturalize them as a part of the “common sense” of American culture" (Bogad,p.2).

When reading this quote, I personally think it explains that youth are being embedded in our culture through television, films, pictures and magazine covers. Society portrays teenagers in a different way than other group secures the common sense in American culture that applies in real life.We come to know youth and label them in society based on the things we think we know about them such as the hormonal traits we associate with puberty, their age difference from any other age group.

3. "We come to know youth as incomplete,in-transition, finding themselves, hormone-driven, emotional, inexperienced, and always inopposition to the adults in their lives" (Bogad, pg.1)

This quotes explains that in our culture we know teenagers to be very rebellious. We know that teens are in transition during puberty and in a point in their life when they learn about themselves as an individual. Their hormones drive them to behave in foolish ways and they oppose adults in their life. It's like you can't tell a teenager anything because they are "know it all's" again this is how we view teenagers due to the discourses we see in media.

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