Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Media Matters

What we learn about teenagers via the media?  

The show "Pretty Little Liars" is an American mystery-thriller teen drama television series. The series has four girls who's clique falls apart after the disappearance of their queen bee. A year later, they began receiving messages from a mysterious figure using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets. Pretty Little Liars teaches us how teens do drugs, have relationships with teachers, commit suicide and have boyfriends. As a teenager, I shared some of the qualities. I felt that I wanted my life to be secret and not really have people in my business besides if it was my parents and sister. I considered my sister as a second mother to me because of the relationship that we had. I was more comfortable telling her things that I couldn't tell my mother. I was in a couple of relationships as a teenager. I felt like it shaped me in a bad way because it took my identity away and I also felt like I lost myself at a point. It wasn't the best idea to be in a relationship after all so I would just keep myself busy with playing multiple of sports growing up and into my teenage years. At the age of 16 was when I tried marijuana for the first time. This influenced my identity because I knew this wasn't the type of person I was and my parents didn't raise me that way. Since it was bought to me it made me feel different about myself so I had to change a few things. However, I can say that in high school my relationship with my teachers was alright. I had more of a relationship with my guidance counselor because I would talk to him about my problems and family concerns.

I believe it was around junior high school when I felt the need to create a Myspace account. This was was one of the first social medias I used. This was popular for me as a teenager. The atmosphere was pretty much laid back. It was a place where you can post "selfies" or just photos of anything you wanted, messaging, adding people and commenting on others profiles/pictures. I felt like a rebel when using this because I kind of kept to myself and didn't want anyone really knowing my business.

Teen magazines, especially J14 was one of the top magazines that I enjoyed. These types of magazines would have teen gossip, fashion, quizzes, celebrity posters and information on them that pertain to the readers. I enjoyed the posters that were in the magazine because I would rip them out and hang them in my room as well.The fashion also inspired me because when I seen certain things I would want to go get it and dress a particular way or even be like a certain celebrity. The Love Quizzes  throughout J14 showed us how romantic relationships were between girls and boys. Magazines were definitely influential  for me as a teen.


  1. Hey Mallory!
    I liked your post, and we relate in several ways. I remember watching Pretty little liars and I did share some aspects of the teenage life depicted in the show. I did experience my first relationship and I can definitely relate when you say you kept your life secret and didn't want people knowing your business. Upon realizing some of the decisions I made in my teenage life, I did make changes as well. I also had a Myspace account and it allowed me to be in control of my social life in a way. My older sister was 5 years older than me and I did consider her as a mother to me as well because of the tight relationship we had. I told her things I didn't tell anyone because she understood me in a time when I felt I was figuring out myself.

    Great post!

  2. I also watched the show Pretty Little Liars and would watch the new episode as soon as it came out! I realize that whenever I watch a show I really love I start to think in a way the characters do and when I would watch this show I would be like "well Aria would do this" or "Hannah wore this". This show really shaped the way I thought and acted in high school. I was also really into those teen magazines and would take the quizzes and hang up posters all around my room. Without even realizing, I was surrounding myself with media of all types.

    Awesome post!


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